SBC provides both domestic and foreign companies with initial guidance on the choice and establishment of the optimal corporate entity, employment options, social insurance and HR, efficient tax structuring and compliance.

Sumida Brokers & Consulting, part of the SBC Group, is licensed by the Japan Ministry of Finance as a Japanese Life Insurance Brokerage. This enables SBC to advise and establish Retirement Allowance Schemes for employees of Japanese companies, both Japanese and foreigners, providing a tax efficient solution for both company and employee, to the problem of providing for employees retirement.

With ongoing support in terms of monthly accounting, tax return preparation and filing, and the outsourcing of all other back office functions, including payroll management and visa applications as the backdrop; SBC is able to offer innovative, sound and solid business consulting in these areas.

Additionally, the company is able to offer transaction support services such as asset valuations and due diligence, and also identify opportunities unique within the Japanese legal and tax framework, and is also a leading provider of nominee directors and other resident representatives in Japan, again for both domestic and foreign companies.